Why Bob Smokes Electronic Cigarettes Now

Electronic CigarettesAs a 30 a day smoker for over 35 years I’ve finally switched to an Electronic Cigarette after having failed to stop smoking using all the usual methods including nicotine gum, patches and nicotine sprays.

Now my desire to stop smoking has come from necessity not choice (if I want to live that is) as I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer just over 2 years ago and fortunately the tumor was operable after intensive radio and chemotherapy. I am now half a lung and three ribs missing on my right side so I really didn’t have any choice – I just had to quit.

You’d have thought after the surgery it would be easy to quit (after all I was highly motivated) and I did manage to quit for 9 months then my Mother died and I stupidly had a couple of cigs – Big mistake the saying you can’t ever have even one cig after quitting is true or it was for me and before I knew it I was happily smoking 7-8 cigs a day.

Pretty stupid right? Well you’re right it was stupid and I then had the nicotine demon on my back once again and the method I’d used to quit after surgery just wasn’t working this time (Patches) and I was in a bit of a panic.

Luckily for me I discovered Electronic Cigarettes (Ecigs) and I had finally discovered a nicotine replacement that I could live with. Is it as good as smoking well for me the answer is no but it’s the closest thing I’ve found to date and by mixing my own Eliquid I’ve the ability to not only cheaply alter the strength of my vape but also the flavor.

The only safe cigarette is lets face it the one you don’t smoke but if like me you’ve tried everything else and can’t quit then Ecigs may help you switch your nicotine delivery system to something that’s a lot safer. Although you still get all the harmful effects of nicotine at least most of the harmful stuff is eliminated because you’re not inhaling burning tobacco or carbon monoxide.

The long term harm smoking of Electronic Cigarettes is still unknown but current opinion is of the view that it’s a lot safer than smoking the real thing.

If you’re still sitting on the fence why not give them a go? You can get starter kits that are so cheap even if you don’t like them you’ll only be out $10-$20 or so.

You can find more information here (wikipedia)

Good Luck!